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@Ocean22 but if you have a wireta... voice assistant then closing your windows won't help 🤷

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Once again in my own words to make sure more people see it: The Stylish browser extension apparently uploads your browser history

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@judeswae Figured it out, just go to download > torrent and open the torrent using (so that the web peers can access it).

@judeswae A lot of the videos only have one peer, anyone know if it's possible for me to help "seed"?

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@Technowix Matrix gets good clients/lightweight server and takes off when?

@Technowix Just from anecdata, Lenovo laptops aren't too reliable. 5/5 people I know with a Lenovo Yoga have it broken in some way

@tinker @jennamagius Attach a few screens to the cat, then detect the position/orientation of the cat to display what's behind it.

I know it's possible with those Vive tracking things, but it would need to be smaller to actually work.

@Ocean22 Though then again I had a really big 198X one with F1-F24 keys. Maybe the unicomp ones are more usable.

@Ocean22 @pounce I went from a Model M to Cherry MX, the desk savings from going 120%+ to 60% are 👌

@Gargron "I honestly really wanna install ______ because installing stuff is fun"

Me with every new decentralized/federated thing that comes out.

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@Technowix @Ocean22 I have a 13Z980, but the 14 and 15 inch ones are apparently good too.

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