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Some of us install 'Stylish' to force wide columns on Mastodon.. Well apparently it's logging all your internet history to create a profile on users:

Time to uninstall, folks :+\

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Once again in my own words to make sure more people see it: The Stylish browser extension apparently uploads your browser history

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Also, I think I should create an alternate on another instance (people discovery is kinda hard on a solo instance).

But which one? There are so many :(

Almost summer :D

Time to figure out what to get good at.

"The problem is that there are a lot of things, and you can't be good at all of them, and choosing which to be good at is hard." - Toricon

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OMG #Krita has the cutest build instructions. These are actually referenced from their official documentation as the canonical way to build it.

How to build Krita... for cats!

I think I'll have to get AHK on my windows machine. Must. Have. Shortcuts.

I used to think people that had hundreds of custom keybinds w/ i3wm were silly.

Then I tried it.

Technically not wrong. Hopefully no one notices.

When you call a window manager a "DE" and "config files" settings.

Also, @Ocean22 I just tested my theory with the LG Gram. ~8 hours straight of use and I'm at 35%

Used it for work all day, watched Silicon Valley Season 5 on the way back, currently using it to type this toot.

Not light use either, I played SSBM for an hour and ran Momodora in WINE for about 45 minutes.

The URLs admittedly aren't very easy, so I need to figure out how domains work with the dat protocol.

Rotonde (dat://2714774d6c464dd12d5f8533e28ffafd79eec23ab20990b5ac14de940680a6fe/) is a working fully peer to peer social network.

Add me! dat://683dd8b250accc6943f75d0aa18e7012c912e1a8f9cc961857948a4fc5fbd60e/

Normally I feel like the "code competition" sites are silly. I guess I was wrong. I'm now a 6 kyū yellow belt on codewars!

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