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Once again in my own words to make sure more people see it: The Stylish browser extension apparently uploads your browser history

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Also, I think I should create an alternate on another instance (people discovery is kinda hard on a solo instance).

But which one? There are so many :(

Almost summer :D

Time to figure out what to get good at.

"The problem is that there are a lot of things, and you can't be good at all of them, and choosing which to be good at is hard." - Toricon

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OMG #Krita has the cutest build instructions. These are actually referenced from their official documentation as the canonical way to build it.

How to build Krita... for cats!

I think I'll have to get AHK on my windows machine. Must. Have. Shortcuts.

I used to think people that had hundreds of custom keybinds w/ i3wm were silly.

Then I tried it.

Technically not wrong. Hopefully no one notices.

When you call a window manager a "DE" and "config files" settings.

Also, @Ocean22 I just tested my theory with the LG Gram. ~8 hours straight of use and I'm at 35%

Used it for work all day, watched Silicon Valley Season 5 on the way back, currently using it to type this toot.

Not light use either, I played SSBM for an hour and ran Momodora in WINE for about 45 minutes.

The URLs admittedly aren't very easy, so I need to figure out how domains work with the dat protocol.

Rotonde (dat://2714774d6c464dd12d5f8533e28ffafd79eec23ab20990b5ac14de940680a6fe/) is a working fully peer to peer social network.

Add me! dat://683dd8b250accc6943f75d0aa18e7012c912e1a8f9cc961857948a4fc5fbd60e/

Normally I feel like the "code competition" sites are silly. I guess I was wrong. I'm now a 6 kyū yellow belt on codewars!

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If possible, can we please stop using Medium? It's pretty, but it's centralized and tracked. Instead, host things on your own server and post them here on mastodon for discoverablility.

You can either use or a static site generator to generate flat HTML and push to your website (like mine:

It'd be much better to have different blogs hosted on things like netlify (free!) than on one tracked platform.

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